GWINT cards German language! 5 decks, 536 cards!

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5 decks, Gwint cards, 536 cards — ALL cards!

—> Language: _GERMAN! <---- -30% DISCOUNT! +4 LIFE GEMS AS A GIFT (look at the last photo) +Game guide ver. 2.0 in German as a gift! 5 decks includes: -Scoia'tael deck in German (108 cards) -Skellige deck in German(105 cards) -Nilfgaard deck in German (106 cards) -Monsters deck in German (108 cards) -Temeria deck in German (109 cards) Official cards size 59*113 mm (2,3*4,5 inches). The cards are PROFESSIONALLY manufactured by a Poker card company at May 2021. EXTRA-High quality laminated thick lamination coated Finland photo paper (glossy paper 320 g/m2, ). Double-sided lamination gives a little gloss and protects the card from damage and contamination. ----- Attention please! Other sellers advertise that their sets are complete, containing every GWINT card. This is simply not true. Most online set sellers do not include the Alternate Art "Ballad Heroes" expansion, 3rd copies of certain "Special cards" and last BLOOD AND WINE, HEARTS OF STONE and THRONE BREAKER CARDS. ----- ALL 536 CARDS INCLUDED: -usual cards; -leader's cards; -neutral cards; -special cards; -Ballad Heroes cards; +CRIMSON CURSE CARDS +BLOOD AND WINE CARDS +HEARTS OF STONE CARDS +THRONE BREAKER CARDS _______________ -30% DISCOUNT! +4 LIFE GEMS AS A GIFT (look at the last photo) +2 Gwint game guides ver. 2.0 as a gift! *All cards are ready to be sent - you do not need to wait for production. *We send all our parcels by air mail (included in the price). If you have any questions, please contact us through the message system. Good luck in the game and have a nice day!


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При заказе 3х товаров и оплате на карту - получите за каждые 3 товара в подарок постер Геральт из Ривии - Ведьмак (The Witcher). *Пожалуйста уточняйте наличие плаката при заказе товаров, в случае если плаката Геральт на данный момент нет в наличии мы можем заменить его на любой другой. Спасибо за понимание!


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